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with Platinum, life just works

About Us

Platinum Staffing Agency brings to you over 15 years of experience in the Event Staff and Housekeeping industries.

We have merged our two long-established and well-recognised businesses – Platinum Party People and Platinum Housekeeping – to provide you with expert services, from Housekeepers to Chefs, from Bar Staff to Event Managers.

Our professional party and event staff will strive to make your important events as successful and stress-free as possible.  Whether at your home or at an event space, let us tend to all your staffing needs and allow you to relax and enjoy your time with your guests.

All our staff are highly qualified and experienced and have undergone security checks, so you can be sure that your event is in safe hands.

Our Housekeeping division offers a 5-star quality cleaning service.  From a quick spring-clean to a complete head-to-toe blitz for your home or workspace, we can fulfil all your housekeeping requirements.  Don’t waste your time cleaning when you can unwind and really enjoy your downtime.

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engaging, friendly staff to realise your event

Imagine borrowing the immaculate staff of a silver service hotel to wait on your overseas guests or a funky CBD mixologist for your child’s 21st.
That’s the power of Platinum Staffing.

Whether you need a maître d' or bartender, parking attendants or wait staff, our people are carefully interviewed and reference-checked before beginning our internal training program. We work with our clients to understand their event and staffing needs, matching them with the people who will fit the ambience perfectly.

Special Events


Milestone events celebrate moments you’ve looked forward to for years - the graduation of your youngest child 0r the wedding of your first born, a 50th birthday party, your retirement. Done right the memories last even longer. For many, the easy choice is to outsource to a professional venue but, for those wanting the casual intimacy of an event hosted at home, Platinum provides the staff to pull it off.

Home Hospitality


For many of our senior executive clients, there is no clear divide between work and home. Working lunches, client dinners, team-building drinks, all of these require planning and a detailed approach to execution. If you’re hosting clients and colleagues in your home or a private events space, let us help. We can make sure that your event is both hospitable and on-brand.

careful, caring staff for your home-life

Nannies and Household Staff

For busy people, it’s the details that make the difference. Coming home to a clean house and a home-cooked meal frees up precious hours to spend quality time with the children or spend a few quiet moments relaxing from the stress of the day.

No two households are quite alike and our highly trained team is here to help you select home-help that will fit around your home, your lifestyle and your schedule. There’s no secret to how we do this: we just listen.



Here at Platinum Staffing we know that no decision feels quite so important or emotional as who to leave in charge of your children. Of course all our staff are qualified, experienced and reference-checked - that’s the law.

More than that, we have a range of people with different skills and backgrounds that will suit your household and family. Some of our staff have a particular background in education and can build age-appropriate tutoring or play-based learning into their role. We have staff with special expertise in early years care whilst others are skilled at working with children with behavioural needs or larger families.

Helpers and Housekeepers


Platinum’s Helpers and Housekeepers service is tailored specifically to your household needs. We know the questions to ask to elicit the priorities and requirements of our staff so that we can create a real partnership between clients and staff.

Our objective is to create successful long-term relationships, based on performance and two-way trust. We can also provide short-term home help for clients who need support for a specific period, such as recovering from an illness, during a period of particularly high workload or after the arrival of a new addition to the family. We work around you.

efficient, capable staff to power your career

Personal Assistants

Many of our clients run businesses from home or work from their home offices at least part-time. Many would be reluctant to give it up but still struggle with keeping the demands of daily life from encroaching on work. Platinum can help keep you on track, with personnel available to take on the administration elements of both work and home-life, leaving you free to focus on what really puts food on the table.

Executive Assistants


Whether at work or in the home office, EAs are there to make running your own show look easy. Taking phone calls, helping with secretarial or IT matters, organising travel and accommodation, liaising with venues for events and conferences and managing relationships with key stakeholders, our Executive Assistants are skilled administrators and outstanding communicators. If admin is getting in the way of strategy, Platinum has a solution.

Personal Assistants


In practice there is often a great deal of overlap between an Executive Assistant and a Personal Assistant. Whereas an EA spends much or all of their time on business admin, your PA can also help with the other concerns of a private household (managing personal appointments, collecting dry cleaning and personal shopping as well as bringing in and managing other household staff if required). Platinum works with each individual to match them with the right support.


"The two waiters we hired for our party were excellent. We'd never had a party that big before and they just knew exactly what to do and took over all the stressful parts of the evening. They were really friendly and helpful and made such a massive difference to our experience of our own party. They worked solidly keeping the whole evening running smoothly - they were fantastic, thank you!"

Ryan Stuart

"We had Rose, Heather and Mira from Platinum Party People take care of the food and drink preparation and serving at our house for a party of around 100 guests. They were excellent, and their friendliness and professionalism helped make the night a great success. Thanks also to Patricia, whose work in arranging the staff was fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Party People to anyone who is looking for help with a function."

Patrick Gibbons

"We could not have been happier with the assistance provided by Nannies and Helpers/Platinum Party People staff at our recent function. They simply eased into the house, took over all tasks capably and with a minimum of fuss or direction and provided us with a stress free, highly enjoyable evening where we did simply nothing. They did everything and with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Just fantastic!"

Ros Bastian

Thank you sooooo much for sending Lisa! She was amazing. My guests have been raving about her too. I thought the heat and serve deal was easy and then I ran out of time to fully have everything grouped for her and labelled. When she arrived I was beside myself feeling frazzled so I didn’t really feel like I handed over well but she just took the reigns and did an incredible job. The best part was waking up the next day to a clean kitchen. We don’t have a dishwasher and she had cleaned up all the little dishes and big items and we just had to deal with the mess from outside from after she left. Will definitely be recommending you guys to all my event throwing friends."

Peitra Creak

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Platinum Staffing Agency brings to you over 15 years of experience in the Event Staff and Housekeeping industries.

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