A Domestic Cook/Housekeeper will have the same responsibilities as a housekeeper but with the extra responsibility of preparing meals for the household and a keen interest in cooking. Special attention is paid to serving nutritious and healthy family meals.


Typical duties of a Domestic Cook/Housekeeper may include:


They will take care of the house, ensuring that it is neat and tidy.

The duties and responsibilities of the role will vary widely from one household to another, so we encourage employers to specify their particular requirements early in the interview process.  Duties may include:

Preparing and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Clearing away, tidying, and cleaning the kitchen and rooms where food is eaten.

Presenting menus for approval and discussing daily requirements with employer, house manager or butler.

Dealing with grocery shopping and maintaining accounts and budgets.

Placing orders for kitchen supplies.

Maintaining stock control.

Keeping kitchen pots, pans, and work surfaces clean and in good condition.

Ensuring refrigerator is clean and out-of-date items discarded.

Tidying bedrooms and living areas.

Arranging for dry-cleaning.

Answering door and telephone.

Feeding and exercising pets.

Watering household plants.

Dealing with tradesmen, suppliers, and contractors.

Carrying out any other tasks that the employer may reasonably ask.

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